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Calm Social Media: don’t be a social media puppet!

A note about the book by Vishnu Goyal, Calm Social Media Author

Social media can be best & worst at the same time depending on how you use it. Today one of the greatest concerns of all (leaving unaware people aside) is social media. There is lot of anxiety over it. Some people are not able to study, some are not able to sleep, some are harassed, some are depressed, some are exposed to cyber bullying, some are losing quality time, some are suffering from FOMO (Fear of Missing Out), some are losing relationships, some are going under debt, some are losing their minds, some are suffering from physical disability and the list of negativities goes on & on!

Well, the reason for all of this is one – ‘Social Media Ab-use’. It’s not social media, but the abuse of social media by people! People have created so much buzz around social media and most of it is negative. We just need to calm it & it’s in our hands. After all, social media can’t be more powerful than its creators – we, the human beings, right?

Calm Social Media Book is an effort to sum up all my social media understanding, coupled with data from others’ studies, researches & statistics as well, to make you aware about alarming social media statistics & issues affecting billions of lives (including yours) I am concerned about, possible cure & solutions to those problems, help you use social media in a more sensible manner, & at the best, Calm Social Media.

Calm Social Media Book will help you understand how social media is affecting your daily life, how it impacts you in short as well as long run, how can you make best use of it and lead a life of more freedom with more quality time, do some more productive tasks and make your life much better in toto. As of now you may be behind ‘social media bars’ but after finishing Calm Social Media Book, you will have your freedom back with you!

– Penned by Vishnu Goyal

Calm Social Media Approach



We’ll shape yours in the right way

To make right choices, you need to have right thoughts & mindset. Calm Social Media Book exploit the power of words, real life incidences, data & experiments to shape your social media thoughts & behavior.


Hard, but made easy for you

Once you have right thoughts in place, you are able to take right actions. Calm Social Media Book will guide your action on how, when & for how much time you use social media. For your betterment, of course!


That you will love

With right thoughts & right actions, you will get right results. With average person using social media for 2+ hours a day, you’re expected to save at least 2 hours daily, once you’ve finished Calm Social Media Book.

Why Calm Social Media

You must be thinking: ‘Why should I spend my time & hard-earned money on Calm Social Media Book, Blog & Forum?’ Let us answer you ‘Why’.

While there are many reasons for ‘why you should quit social media or at least cut your time on it. Here are a few of them to help you get started…

Quitting social media makes you happier

Every person who quit social media, find himself or herself happier! They are less anxious & depressed. Going offline makes people happy. You’ll face less negativity & your mindset will be positive.  Calm Social Media Book has 50+ practical solutions to help you cut your time on social media.

You’ll have more time

You spend daily hours on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, Snapchat & other apps for no good reason. If you cut your time on these apps, you will be left with much more time & the life will not be too short to pursue other things you love! Just think about what you can do if you have at least 2 hours extra per day! We think you can do a lot with that time, right? With Calm Social Media Book, you’ll learn to cut distractions & the art of being more productive.

You’ll be away from fake world

Much of the moments shared on social media are far away from daily life. On social media, everybody seems to be happy! Have you seen people posting a sad photo of themselves? I guess, no! All wants to show-off that they are living a happy life, no matter what’s going in their real life. Want real life examples? No worries. We have it covered in the book!

Everything seems ‘cool’ on social media, but unfortunately, it’s not. You are victim of such fake online world & feel yourself of a loser. Calm Social Media Book will let you explore the reality of social media world. Once you are familiar with that,  you’ll no longer be the victim of social media fakes. No fake world, no guilty feeling!

You’ll Have More to Talk About

In the world of social media, you share quite every important moment of your life on your public profiles. Be it your new job, your vacation photos, your today’s dinner plan & blah, blah, blah! Due to this trend, everybody knows what’s going on in your life & when they meet you, neither they have much to ask, nor you have much to tell! We think sharing less on social media leaves you with more stuff to talk about when you meet people. With Calm Social Media Book, you’ll know why it’s important not to share ‘those things’ on social media & how can you stop yourself!

Benefits Are Endless!

Calm Social Media benefits are endless! Literally, endless. Would be better for us to stop here & to advice you to grab your copy and start your Calm Social Media journey! Don’t worry, you’ll explore other benefits of ‘quitting & cutting’ social media in the Calm Social Media Book.

"I like the content most, the way publisher has beautifully presented and covered the growing relevant issues on social media today... It has inspired me to check on my increasing online activities at the same time"

Bharat Rawat

"Must read book for anyone and everyone who want to improve their social media & digital life"

Tarun Goyal

Social Media Issues Dealt in Calm Social Media Book

Social Media Obsession & Addiction

Study by Royal Society for Public Health, UK, found that “social media sites like Facebook and Twitter are more addictive than cigarettes & alcohol!” Almost 20% of people with social media accounts cannot go more than three hours without checking them!

Social Media Bullying & Harassment – A Part of Cyber-bullying

About 1 in 4 teens has faced cyber-bullying. More than 82% of online sex crime is originating from social media. Nearly 50% of the women in the online world have faced harassment & cyber-bullying. Calm Social Media Book has both, preventive & corrective measures to handle these dangers.


Problem of ‘Social Media Sharing + Parenting’. With Calm Social Media Book, you’ll learn what and what not to share, not only as a parent, but as a guardian & good human being, who want to save children from Social Media Ab-use.

Peer Pressure & Inferiority Complex

Peer pressure can be understood as the stress or pressure to match yourself with activities & status of other people. In internet world, social media is the life-blood of this problem.

Information Overload, Unfocused Life & Short Attention Span: Education & Career Harm

Average students focus only for 3 minutes while studying. Major distraction is from phone and social media. Few students check Facebook every 15 minutes!

Distractions: Work & Productivity Loss

You get lots of push notifications & emails from your social media accounts, right? You get many of them while working. Want to know its cost? Well, it’s 25 minutes per distraction! Yes, it takes about 25 minutes to get back to the original task, post interruption due to any distraction. If all people work with same dedication as they use social media with, all companies will report better performance!

Financial Crisis & Indebtedness

With Calm Social Media Book, you’ll know how your idle talk on social media is costing you & economy the much-needed time & income.

Brain Depreciation

With all time access to social media & smartphones, a part of your brain is all time drained towards your smartphone. Mere presence of your smartphone reduces available cognitive capacity. Result: brain depreciation. Want to brain appreciation? Well, get Calm Social Media book then!

Hate Speech & Violence

Do we need to explain this? We guess no! But yeah… we need to explain the cure for it & we have got it in the book.

Social Media Trolling

Calm Social Media Book will never let you get into ‘troll-trap’.


On average, we read just 20% text of a web page. Know how social media is making you read less & share more, ultimately making a cut on your knowledge.

Use of Social Media by Under-aged or Small Children

1 in 4 children under 6 years of age have their own smartphones. Most surprising finding is that about 50% of such children spend about 3 hours per day glued to their smartphone. 11 is the age which is considered suitable to ‘deserve’ a smartphone, but here we are: 25% parents buying smartphones for their ‘so little babies’!

Negative Health Caused by Social Media

Problem of unwanted gifts received from social media ab-use. List includes health concerns like blindness, stress, sleep deprivation, anxiety, depression, unhappiness, negativity, and many more. Excessive time spent on social media also results in loss of time for real socializing, exercise & other recreational activities which also add to the ‘minus health points of social media’.

FOMO: Fear of Missing Out

FOMO is fear or a situation, in which you feel that if you’re not online or not active on social media, you may be missing on to what’s going on. People ‘high on FOMO, frequently check their phones even in the situations where they are not supposed to do so, like when driving or attending lectures, studying, et cetera.

Instant Gratification

Instant gratification needs a goodbye to make your life good! Learn how social media is making you instant gratification addict, why you must delay your gratification & how can you do it.

No Free Time: Lost Creativity & Intelligence

Smartphone & social media is fooling you in many ways & reducing your intelligence as well as creativity. Grab Calm Social Media Book to understand the problem & get the solution.

Fake News & Rumors

Social Media is definitely not the smart’s place to get news! Calm Social Media explores how social media is the fake news & rumors engine how can you escape yourself & the world from its menacing effects.

Suicidal Thoughts & Deaths

In 2015 alone, selfie took life of at least 27 people & at least 50% of such deaths occurred in India. Teens who spend three hours a day or more on electronic devices are 35 percent more likely to have a risk factor for suicide, such as making a suicide plan.

Others: There’re Many!

Like social media, social media issues are broad too! To discover all issues, their impact on your life, possible solutions, tips, tricks, measures, methods & hacks, to help you quit or cut social media from your life, feel free to get a copy of the book & support Calm Social Media initiative.

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